UPSers Discounts

United Parcel Service (UPS) is all about accessing your personal information with ease. This online portal is specially designed for the employees of UPS. Here they can get amazing discounts just by logging in by using their User ID and password. The employees can easily access their accounts via the Portal of UPS Enterprise. 



The employee must register himself in the portal if he wants to avail the discounts and earn perks. After the process of registration, the employee receives the user ID and password so he can log in.

The user ought to agree to the terms and conditions right before registering.

For owning discounts, an employee must fetch benefits which are based on their performance. Discounts are beneficial for them in the sense they provide them with abundant options and perks.

Take note that the postal service companies get great discounts on services of shipping.

To avail some amazing discounts you might have to follow some essential measures. Below we have listed some major discounts that employees can avail.


Incentive (Inducement)

Employees who fall into the category of Exhibit A get the chance to acquire discounts. Discounts are in accordance with the company norms. For the purpose of household and personal usage, UPS serves as the platform of incentive programs.

Transfer of shares from one employee to another is not possible. The employee is responsible for all sorts of bills.


Employees who are eligible

Even retired employees of Ups can avail astounding discounts. Only Puerto Rico’s employees and employees of the U.S. territories are the ones who are not included in the discount program. UPS vendors, third-party resellers, franchisees, and retirees who don’t have the access to UPS are not eligible for this particular discount program.    


Electronic Shipping Information Usage

In order to gain incentives, the user should use an Automated Shipping. Packages are supposed to be dropped off at the posting service company’s mailroom.

There is no other option for incentives and bonuses which come from different places. Employees can grab some special discounted incentives which refer towards the participation at UPS store based under a separate program.


Payment Method

Payment of the full amount before the expiry date is compulsory for every user.


Terms and condition

Regardless of the prior notice, the Tariffs of service are totally subjected to alteration. After several references, they are incorporated when it comes to the agreement. On the online portal, employees are available with copies of the current version of services and Tariffs 


Termination, Term and Modification

A bridge of agreement construct when the user admits and agrees to click on the next option and continue. The agreement is effective till when a notice of the incentive is received. At any moment, UPS can change or modify the bonuses, incentives, services, etc.


Secrecy about confidential matters

 It is the sole duty of an employee to maintain the secrecy of confidential matters like agreements. Which may include the term or the rates of the offer. An employee is not allowed to share or post in public showing confidential matters. It is strictly against the rules and regulations.

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